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Feel free to call us any time. After hours or when we cannot answer the phone, please leave a message. For general business call us between 9 am to 5 pm Mountain Time, at 1-208-629-3306.

For all support issues use our general business number. Fast Track customers only may also call a 24 hour support number. The 24 hour agent can walk you through your hosting control panel or create a trouble ticket for the network technicians. All other questions should be emailed to one of the email addresses above, or phoned in to our general business number. All standard hosting, Custom Web, and KerygmaNet customers should use only the Cerebroweb general business number.

  • General business, Custom, Hosting, and KerygmaNet support: 1-208-629-3306
  • Geminal Web Fast Track 24 hour hosting support only: 1-866-245-5154 or 1-208-629-3306

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Business mail may be sent to :

CerebroWeb Associates
4255 Patton Ave
Boise, ID 83704